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The 10 Most Common Buyer Concerns Answered

Our focus is to help you capture the best deal possible while still achieving your goal for buying.  It's a simple as that.  With this in mind we did research to determine the 10 most common concerns people have when buying a property and made sure we have a process in place to address your issues.


1. Price

We will work with you to create a strategy to capture the best price possible for your property ensuring you don't overpay, while still achieving your goals for buying.  


2. Affordability

This is factored into the overall strategy to capture a great deal for you. Yes, we want you to have a great property but the numbers need to work so we always run the numbers for you ensuring that affordability is not an issue.  


3. Financing 

Securing financing is paramount to ensuring your purchase is a good one.  We help you navigate how to find a lender,  and ensure there are no hidden issues, that you understand the interest rate options, down payment requirements, and the generally help you navigate the mortgage application process. 


4. Timing 

Timing can mean the difference between a good and bad deal and even a good or great deal depending on when it occurs in the economic cycle. To address this we have developed a simple test that we use to determine your goal for buying, the expected purchase price, and the expected economic price trends and we use your score to help you decide if the timing is right to buy, or not. 


5. Finding a Rental Management Company (if it's a investment rental property)

Rental income plays a huge role in all three of the factors we have already discussed therefore we spend extra time with you to make sure you are aligned with an rental manager that can create the greatest return for you based on your goals for owning. 


6. Property Conditions, Inspections and Repairs

Many buyers live in other parts of the country and have to navigate home inspections and repairs from a distance which can be difficult so we have a program to specifically address inspections and repairs for out of town buyers.  This ensures that there no hidden issues or major repairs that may require significant investment in the future. 


7.  Future Value and Investment Potential 

Whether you are buying a property to live in or as an investment you want to be aware of market trends with regard to future resale and or potential rental possibilities. With this in mind, we prepare a "Future Market Analysis" for the property you are going to purchase that shows where the market has been, what the current trends indicate, and where we believe it may be headed.  


8. Location and Neighborhood

Because so many buyers will own here but not live here fulltime they are vulnerable to buying in a neighborhood or building that really doesn't meet their needs or criteria for owning.  Whether its amenities, noise levels, HOA issues, and the overall desirability of the area it's important to ensure what and where you buy is truly what you want. As such we have built processes into our buying system designed to address this exact issue. 


9. Hidden Costs and Additional Expenses

Nothing can turn a good feeling about a property you buy into a disaster like hidden costs or additional expenses that show up after closing. Special assessment, maintenance costs, and fees can pop up out of nowhere.  To limit the unknows we have developed a checklist of the most common hidden costs and expenses that you can use to protect against this. 


10. Competitive Market and Bidding Wars

It's never fun to be in a competition with other buyers for a property, especially if it's a bidding war.  And while we are not seeing as much of these has we have in recent past, good properties, priced right still garner a lot of attention. The solution to this is to simply remain calm, consult the materials we have given you that outline your goals for buying, the price range that works for you, and that the future trend is in alignment with both. That way you can get in and compete (to a point) or calmly walk away and keep looking. Either way, you win. 


Buying a property in an everchanging market you need a professional real estate team wit ha long track record of success and experience producing results.  Fortunately for you, we have that kind of track record.  

In the last 2.5 years alone we have closed almost 500 transactions for almost $350,000,000.  That's lot of experience, expertise, and knowledge that you can draw on to ensure your deal is both smooth and easy.


We make buying real estate easy.


"John Moran & his team are experts in Condo sales, they are the best!! Everything went smooth from start to the closing and everyone there is super nice. I would highly recommend using them to purchase or sell properties at the beach!!"

L. Baker


"Carolyn did a great job taking videos of houses so we could get a better understanding of what a house looked like prior to making an offer. She has gone above and beyond what a normal real estate agent does to make the process of buying from a far as smooth as possible"

J. Baer


"Alyssa and her team made everything about our beach condo purchase go as smoothly as possible. Alyssa made sure that our every need was met throughout the entire purchase process. She worked hard for us for over a year in helping us find exactly what we were looking for. If you are looking to purchase property in the Destin area, I highly recommend Alyssa Barnett and At the Beach team."

J. Millner


"It was an excellent experience working with John Skinner and his team. Every step was handled professionally. I look forward to working with John and his team on my next purchase."

Jason H


"Courtney was fantastic through the entire transaction. Very accessible and had answers to all my questions regarding areas of town, amenities, and details on the homes we were viewing. Being from out of town she made the entire process simple. Would definitely recommend."

L Minz.