The Roller Coaster of Economic Changes

Does anyone feel rich? It's strange how just a short 18 months or so has changed a lot of people.

Navigating Uncertain Times

If you don't feel rich right now, you're not alone. If you're concerned about what comes next, you're not alone.

Thriving Strategies for Realtors and Investors

Let me assure you, as someone who has been through and thrived during a down cycle, I can tell you that if you do certain things you will come out of this stronger than ever and more prepared to grow quickly, a lot, and for a long time. Perhaps, if you get this right, you can even create generational wealth.

Investing Time in Yourself

Know that you are going to have to work way more than you did when the market was rocking. It's going to require putting a lot of time into building your business into a juggernaut.

The Big Three for Success

We hardly ever talk about them which is strange because they are so important to the success of any Realtor and investor...

Talking to the People

First. Talk to the people in the neighborhoods you want to dominate...

Previewing Every Home

Next. Preview every home that comes for sale in a neighborhood you want to dominate...

Studying Real Estate Trends

Third. Study the real estate trends so that you can recognize when the market is starting to run...

Building Confidence and Becoming a Pro

The only reason these times might be a bit scary for you is because you're not confident in your skills...

Consistent Daily Actions

So get confident. Get the ability to believe in yourself. Get busy...

  • Talking to your database - everyday.
  • Previewing property - everyday.
  • Studying the market trends - everyday.

You got this. Here we go. Let's get it.