Rachel Kolosky - Listing Agent

Rachel leverages her past experience as a successful small business owner.  She is known for outstanding client service, 24/7 availability, high tech marketing techniques, personal touches and as a skilled negotiator with her client's best interest at heart.  She believes strongly that it is not only her duty to represent her clients to the best of her ability, but also to guide them throughout every step of the process armed with market insight, in order for her clients to make the best decisions possible.   


Rachel is a  firm believer in giving back and is particularly passionate about supporting our military and first responders. As the spouse of a retired military member, Rachel has lived in many places, from Hawaii to the Netherlands and she has decided to call the beautiful Emerald Coast her home.  She enjoys spending active time with her family, swimming, biking, running, and paddleboarding.  She especially enjoys training and participating in marathons, Ultras and Ironman competitions. 


Rachel has moved with her family over eleven times and understands this real-life transition and is able to empathize with the stresses it involves. She is also well known for her friendly outgoing personality, positive attitude, and problem-solving skills.  She does everything in her power to ensure her client's success.