Gil Erikson - Listing Specialist

Gil Erikson - Listing Specialist


"I really enjoy helping people with what is usually the largest transactions they will make." - Gil Erikson

Gil is a 2nd generation realtor with 12 years of experience selling real estate so he is very skilled at helping his clients achieve their goals for buying or selling here at the beach.  

Quick Q and A with Gil

What do you like about selling real estate?  I like the fact that each person and each property is unique and with an always changing market every deal is different and exciting.

What can clients expect from you?  Straight forward and professional service is what my clients can expect. When other agents might get discouraged and give up on deals, I am eager to keep working until the sale closes.

What sets you apart from other agents?  With a degree in accounting and decades of experience in running my own businesses I can provide you with insight and perspective that you are unlikely to find with many other real estate agents.